Wednesday, February 20, 2013




Angela Romero said...

Catalina! I know your really busy when you get a chance can you so kindly help me. unfortunately I live a cross country in ny & I can't go to Yvonne. I am getting hair extentions from the hair shop. I've been attempting to figure it out before asking you, but because the extentions / service is expensive I would really appreciate your help so I don't waste my money or be disspointed.

which colors did you get on your life changing & my favorite thing to do post?
Also, what color do you dye your base / your ends before the extentions are put in?
And is there anything else I should know?

I appreciate you so much!!! xoxo!!! thank you for everything.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela! If Lina doesn't get around to answering, try asking Brenda Kovar on her blog. she is so good at answering questions like that and she is a hair stylist for G! Also, they are homies so she will probably know deets about lina if you ask something specific like that as well.

Hopefully one of them will get back to you, good luck!


Anonymous said...

Agh that was me - it works great doesn't it! Glad I could help - Louise xoxo