Monday, October 31, 2011

CELINE Alternative

I would definitely buy these if I didn't have my Celines.  Maybe I would of even bought these over the Celines because they are uncomfortable but these came out later.  Celines are def chic'er but they both have the same effect.  These are dope though cause the heel looks both casual and dressy where as my Celines are just dressy.  
Dooo it!

the back flap is detachable

Alexander Wang Fabiana High Heel

Beautiful Jennifer

Makeup by Mary Phillips

Lanvin Clam Shell Bags

Lanvin Resort '12

Topshop Holiday '11 Collection

just the ones that caught my eye

house party



candy run


OMGosh!!! Thank you sooooo much for each and every piece!! So beyond generous........I'm speechless!

HUGE Thank You to NIKE and Tracy!!!

A is for Apple


two hours plus

stretch the body

Feels dammm good!

Master Your Makeup

Two Hours Together 

A private makeup session to master your look.
Please bring everything you use on your face.


Excited to announce my three makeup products:

Bronzer/Blush, Lipliner and Lipgloss as a Complimentary Gift

Saturday, November 5 

8 Appointments Available

Mr. C Hotel
1224 Beverwil Drive
Los Angeles, 90035

To Book Appointment:

Happy Halloween!!!



steel oats// agave// little rice milk


Sunday, October 30, 2011

wine mee

moisturizer// sunscreen// evens skin tone

I've heard of BB cream long before it hit the American market. Of course I'm Korean and we love us a makeup base. I think BB cream started in Korea or Japan.....not sure. I don't care for makeup base, beauty balm blah, blah. I just like foundations. BUT today, my sister was like....."Lina you would like this, since you don't wear makeup." I'm all or nothing, I either wear lil face makeup and brows, 5 pounds or nada. I don't have an in between. I wear less than more though and I find my skin to be very uneven. I tried on my sister's Korean BB cream and loved. So we went to Sephora and got this. I tried all the ones they had and found this one to be the best. Light and spreadable, then turns matte. The color is not too gray or chalky. I CAN NOT wait to rock this to the
g y m tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes!!!

J Mendel and CHANEL


Styled by Monica Rose

din din

I had THE DRINK and Smooth Move.  Watch out!

sweater weather


knee length sweater LOOOVE!

on sale $24.95


get your sweater on

H & M