Thursday, June 30, 2011

s h o p

I'm never 'looking' for 'something' at Barneys. I'm checking in. My rule of thumb when I shop, I NEVER buy items to match other items, I buy items that stand on their own..... it always come together later.

I wasn't even trying to buy shoes. I saw these and shit my pants. As soon as they were on, I was like shhhhhiiiitttt....hotttttttttttt.......replacing alllll of my going out shoes...ALL. For now. They are so f*#kin good.

Catt and I are both proud owners!

Store the platforms ladies it's all about a lower, thinner, chic'er shoe! Think of a Manolo it's best but with a different label!

C E L I N E $650

w o r k

Makeup by Me

Hair by Melissa Brown

Come on Barneys!

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right now

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Catching up........


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mee thursday

forever 21 sweater and cuff// wang tee and shoes// siwy jeans// elle machperson bra// hair back and bunned// jo malone lime basil cologne

Good morning world!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

give me eyes and no lip

'Smokey Eye' Blog/Vlog coming soon.....promise! It really is sooo easy!!

No one really knows........

Everyday, never ending work that is driven by the sole reason that they are doing exactly what they are meant to do.......

Only the talented survive.


Thank you for your comments...Mrs.Me Aka Pretty Me and Anonymous on that last weird post.  It alerted me, cause I obviously didn't write that.  Still figuring out what happened.  Thank you, Thank you!!!!! xoxoxo


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my summer drink

venti americano no water- just ice to the top

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If I must........

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I forgot about you........

One of my first Hermes Bangles I bought........I love classic Hermes orange! This bangle represents the eleven lucky signs around the world, or something like that =)

Somebody please buy these!


Freakin out! LOVE these LEATHER Shorts from H & M. They're thin and lay FLAT and soft! The color is sooooo stylish and fall!  Not out yet, as soon as they are, I'm getting the black and I will let YOU know!!  Need them all!




Loose change........

Was trying on my old Current/Elliott's and surprise, surprise!

bare minimum

eggs, avocado and homemade salsa

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And.....I'm back!

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one, two.....nomoredoughnutsnomoredoughnuts.....

I did two spin classes back to back. The first , I was warming up huffing and puffing........ totally outta shape. Second class, I was a MACHINE.

btw: I had THREE doughnuts last night.  


Monday, June 27, 2011

s t a p l e

One bra that handles it all.  Comfortable, coverage without padding, thin black straps, and great side detail, really cute when it peeps out.  My everyday bra. This is a must have.

Mirror, Mirror........

Just got this mirror, it better be a skinny one!

Make it stop!

I better be starting soon!

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Jill Sander A/W '11/12 Campaign

Leaving Las Vegas........

Cheers to 'Killing It' G!!!