Sunday, September 30, 2012


my back is amazing

it's thin and tight and it dips

l i f e




my purse was around my neck for like 30 mins

wayyy overdue

bought these J Brand Leather Pants in Chicago last week

been wanting to purchase them every fall for like two years

went with these because I like the jeans style, the front button closure

got them in 24's, a lil loose but good

they stretch, so size down
first time out

I was explaining them to a friend........."It'a not like oh my God, you got leather pants. Worth 9 bills? If you're the driver, kinda like a nice car, no one enjoys the experience as much the owner....... the smell, the luxurious-ness, the ride.....Same, same. You pay, you play :))

p.s. feeling my Chucks lately, tired of being all fancy and shiet

Friday, September 28, 2012





La Scala


Friday Night Baaabyyy!



La Scala to-go

I love fancy


recharge mee


Friday Baby!!!

Face Time

 my main
I sometimes throw this on top of my MAC

mix but never alone

love the color, so bright and golden
latest obsession

Tried this in NY during FW and loved!!

coverage but lets skin glow through

Been thinking lately.........that when I get older........
I'm gonna look back and say........"Why didn't I do the young skin thing?". 
Love my freckles and my skin, so gonna try rolling with the lighter skin look but gonna still whore my eyes out at night, of course. 
So far, I'm diggin' it :))

So far........

JK's left overs  

still have some shake left

Latest Kate


Earth Bar Stop

Flax Master Shake is

Thanks B!! XXX


coming off today :))