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Anonymous AJ said...
Hey Lina (and everyone else as she maybe too busy to respond). I am in need of serious help. I am 100lbs OVERweight. College and a bad breakup caused depression, which caused weight gain. I need to get this weight off NOW...but have no idea where to start. Please help. I am dying...literally from all this weight. Please...any advice would be thankful.

FIRST, you must get a scale.  weigh yourself every morning and night naked.  You have to know where you are at all times.  When the scale drops it will inspire you.  Look at the scale as a positive thing, it is your gage.
Eating - whenever I go hard, I eat fresh foods.  Eat things that your body can burn naturally. 
Fruits and Vegetables
Stay away from fruit with lots of sugar, for now.  
What I highly recommend, if you are dead serious.......go balls to the wall for six days.  
Breakfast - fresh green juice and or both fruit or hard boiled egg
water raw almonds
Lunch - Salad Clean with Balsamic add tuna or fish or chicken
lemon water water water
Dinner - Steamed Vegetables and Fish or Eggs
do not eat anything white     drink coffee black     snack on a Lara Bar if you have a sweet tooth     no alcohol
If you get hungry and need to eat, eat more raw.  Have steamed veggies in a conatiner to snack on or an apple, takes small bits and make it last.
take Tylenol Pm if it gets rough     get use to being hungry     shrink your mind about food
If you do this for a week, you will see a dramatic drop on your scale AND that will give you the biggest push of motivation you need.  
Then you can move on to the next step.  No pain, no gain.  Skinny ain't free.  It is discipline and discipline is dammmmm SEXY.
All my love and support.
XO Lina 



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