Tuesday, February 26, 2013

s e x y s t a p l e

ST. TROPEZ - Tan Applicator Mitt

I self tan almost every other day.  I've never used a 'mitt' before, just my hands. 
 Decided to try this 'mitt' because I love ST. TROPEZ and they do all things tan so therefore it must serve well.  
I am completely obsessed and will ALWAYS use a 'mitt' now.  Makes the application spongy and even - most important.  
Use the beige side, spray or pump mouse on 'mitt' and apply.  You can wash and use over and over again!! 
AND I don't get Lindsay Lohan hands =))

Happy Shopping!!! XO


lonzoesmom said...

I NEED those black shoes! Who makes them?

Legs look perfect! thanks!


Dejana said...

I love how your legs are thin and toned but not built

Ahly said...

Have you tried the Sephora spray self-tan? How does it compare to the st.tropez spray?

Also, How do you prevent your legs from building muscle yet still get tone?