Saturday, August 2, 2014


Siss bought these a few months back and was like ehhhhh.  
Went to din with Siss a few weeks ago and was like perfection.  
No fuss, perfect nude, perfect height, sexy and can be worn everyday.  I like to wear my shit.  AND........FACT........Manolo's are like tennis shoes.  No joke.  
Get this particular color while you can.
I did the homework and not many of mine around. XO


Anonymous said...

you look so good from head to toe in that second pic especially xo

Anonymous said...

You're inspiring

ILLADEE said...

The top too .. Love the top .. Where's it from? .. BTW you're looking amazing at the moment .. Hard work pays off!

cruz said...

U r incredible. So HOT. Body is incredible

LC said...

gorgeous s as usual!!