Saturday, August 30, 2014

h a i r c a r e s t a p l e

I now only have extension in the front of my head, one bundle.

I chopped my hair blunt again and went slightly shorter.

Really into repairing my damaged hair, after much research - this shampoo is supposedly amazing.

Twice a week, massage the scalp to simulate growth.

  I will go back to whore hair, duh........but right now I can't look at it.  

Totally embracing modern, loving my new look, I call it - Fuck You.


Anonymous said...

Lina, have you tried Viviscal tablets?

Anonymous said...

Have you considered that your diet might be contributing to your thinning hair?

stacie bowie said...

If you really want your wig to grow… Start with Rene Furterer complex5 then shampoo with Forticia, condition with Shu Uemura's silk bloom mask. Towel dry and use Rene Furterer RF80. Watch it GROW!!! For extra shine and weightless hydration, try Shu Uemura's Essence Absolue Oil. xo