Thursday, August 28, 2014


These are the people who we fight for.  These are the people who teach us the meaning of beautiful.  

She is thankful live.  Gratitude to live and gracefully lives.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. I've watched Joan since I was a little girl and she has made her own way in this world and fought for every job she's had.
I have seen some very disturbing posts on the internet tonight and it makes me very sad that people are so evil. She is a comedian, that's what she does!
Always remember that she is someone's mother, grandmother and warm hearted friend to many. Shame on the ones that feel the need to post disgusting things!
Thanks for letting me vent Lina.
God be with Joan!!!!

Jay Brown said...

God Bless Miss Joan. She is a fighter and she will recover like the hard working toughie that she has been all her life. May god be beside her pushing her along and may he be next to Melissa,Cooper and their loved one. I am broken hearted, but I have faith..... Missing you Miss Joan, I hurry back to us

Anonymous said...

Hoping she'll be back fighting like she always has....she's a tough lady - such a hustler, working nonstop, talented and strong. She's an amazing role model for women - my thoughts go out to her family.