Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I NEED TO LOVE........

I bought this Balenciaga jacket last week. I tried, tried to love it but something wasn't right. The leather was thick and it had built in shoulder pads (football player). Not down with that, made me look fat. In these shots not so bad but in person not the greatest. I asked for opinions at work and I pretty much got the same response. The lesson I learned was....... listen to yourself......I knew something was off. Returned. On to the next.


Andee Layne said...

sick jacket and love the color but know what you mean! My hubby bought me a chloe leather bomber jacket a few years ago and have only worn it twice! :(

Aida Ortega said...

you should get the mackage kenya!!! it's an awesome fit

or Aritzia (where i work) also sells their own rendition of the motorcycle leather jacket

they're both such great pieces!