Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thee Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender sent me their amazing sponges for my event with Elyse Walker. The
Beauty Blender is my absolute favorite. If you don't own one, you must. I always use it for foundation application as well as any type of dewy liquid makeup such as MAC Strobe Cream or Nars Orgasm Illuminator.

To use: lightly wet first, the pink ball expands

Dab on foundation and simply pat in with The Beauty Blender - push-in motion

To wash: hand wash with The Blender Cleanser or shampoo

A sincere thank you to Beauty Blender, Danny, and Catherine for all of your support!!!



Anonymous said...

Lina, I buy the Sonia Kashuk version for 10 bucks at Target 'cuz I'm too cheap to dish out 20 for the real deal. Do you think there's a big difference between these two? Oh, Forever 21 has their own version of it for less than 2 bucks! Tried that one too. Honestly, I can't tell the diff between the 2 cheapies. Maybe I should just break down and get the BB!

NYC0820 said...

I love my Beauty Blender!

Andee Layne said...

i saw Catt Sadler on E news giving and interview for "water for elephants" her make up looked flawless! did you do it for that segment and if so can you share with us what foundation or illuminator you used?! she def had a J Lo glow!!! xo