Wednesday, October 5, 2011


1 Tablespoon of Ginger (minced) *I often use more
3/4 Fresh Lemon Juice (squeezed)
1 Tablespoon of Buckwheat Honey
1/5 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
1/2 Cup of Maple Syrup Grade B
6 Cups of Water

Optional: Steep 2 Green Tea Bags 


I always have this in my fridge. It does wonders. You can drink it for 3 days straight morning and night while eating healthy.
No more than three days, you can start again the following week. Or you can do what I do........I always have it one hand and drink the entire pitcher within 7 days.
It reduces swelling and makes you gooooo. It's my detox, skinny drink! It does a lot other good things too, I just forgot but it's amazing!!!

Let me know how it goes!!!

Thank you Lisa!!! Xo


Anonymous said...

Thank u so much for this!

Anonymous said...

Ps... Do u brew the tea or open the bags and put in the loose leaves?

coutureaholic said...

hi catalina! thank you for the post. I also wanted to share this youtube video with you.. it's so funny, hope you enjoy it!

F I N A N said...

THANK YOU so much for this post..i appreciate it sooooo much..cant wait to try!!!

Jihan Shareef said...

Oh, yes. The infamous flush. A horrid drink. I never get past 1 day. My mom used to give it to me when I got real sick. But rock on! You've inspired me to try it again.

Emilia said...

yay! I'm going to try it!

Makeup Art said...

Glad everyone is going to try my recipe, I was writing a healthy living book just have not had the time to finish the book. I will let you know when it's out check my blog for updates xx

Anonymous said...

Catalina! another great beverage to drink is red's said to make you thinner and it also reduces swelling. I always drink one cup after eating and it really does the work ;) nice pics :)

Jenny said...

life saver xo


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing. Pitcher in the fridge all the time. At least one cup a day, 2-3 when I'm feeling faaat

Jenny said...

just tried this! worked instantly!