Friday, October 28, 2011


Tonalin before I PIG out!!

Available at Whole Foods


NYC0820 said...

This works!!


maggmar16 said...

How often do you take it?

Anonymous said...

you need at least Tonalin 1285 mg 80% CLA to have a fat loss benefit... make sure to bump up the mg.

Mawvellous said...

Would GNC CLA do a good job? I need to lose like 15lbs, no joke. Your blog is like my thin-bible.


pamplemousse said...

i normally take 2 capsules before a main meal. the thing ab CLA is that you need to be consistent with it to see results.

Rhonda said...

Catalina must be my sister from another mister...we share the same brain and DNA! Def going pick some up. I look like a ham!