Sunday, October 30, 2011

moisturizer// sunscreen// evens skin tone

I've heard of BB cream long before it hit the American market. Of course I'm Korean and we love us a makeup base. I think BB cream started in Korea or Japan.....not sure. I don't care for makeup base, beauty balm blah, blah. I just like foundations. BUT today, my sister was like....."Lina you would like this, since you don't wear makeup." I'm all or nothing, I either wear lil face makeup and brows, 5 pounds or nada. I don't have an in between. I wear less than more though and I find my skin to be very uneven. I tried on my sister's Korean BB cream and loved. So we went to Sephora and got this. I tried all the ones they had and found this one to be the best. Light and spreadable, then turns matte. The color is not too gray or chalky. I CAN NOT wait to rock this to the
g y m tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes!!!


Anonymous said...

BB creams started in Korea, and they are amazing - particularly the Dr. Jart dermatological cosmetics line. Dr. Jart actually has a much fuller range of BB creams than are available at Sephora - you can find them on the U.S. website, and included are most, if not all, of the Dr. Jart products available in Korea. I like Skin79 as well - another great BB cream brand, but it tends to be for very fair-skinned people. I think the best BB cream line for you, since you are quite tanned, might be Missha's BB cream in their darkest shade (I think there are only two or a handful of shades to begin with). I hope this can be helpful information for you - I know I've gotten a lot of helpful information from your blog. Good luck with the new purchase!

- BB Cream Aficionado

Anonymous said...

Hey lina!
Love these posts! So informative!
I have a q for you.. do you think you can tell us a little of your pre-makeup, morning, and night face routine?

I just do an olay SPF lotion in AM with laura mercier primer, a light foundation if I want, brows and that's about it..unless I'm going out and then it's on! Lol. Anyway, am I missing a step (toner- that u posted about- before lotion? Toner After lotion before primer? Moisturizer somewhere?)

Also..I'm mid twenties and have virtually no morning or evening skin routine!! Eek! Thankfully so far I have no issues but I should do some preventative now. Help?! Thanks if u get around to answering :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog! BB creams tend to be really light in color, but Missha has a tan shade in their M Perfect Cover line. Shade #27 and #31 are for tan ppl! :)

Anonymous said...

i love bb cream..i usually buy them from faceshop but just recently picked up han skin bb cream when i went to korea last week. Its supposed to be the best..

Anonymous said...

Try Skin Food. Crazy popular right now in Korea & supposedly they have 5 locations in the LA area. Don't sleep on it.