Thursday, January 13, 2011

Makeup Artist Cosmetics

Love you MAC and Monique! Continued support and amazing shit that I always, always turn to! I can not wait to try 'Tweet Me' eye shadow, 'Chilled On Ice' paint pot, and 'Lord It Up' eyeliner!!! I'll let you know yay or nay. I'm kinda loving Pro Longwear Foundation in NW35. I mix it with all my other foundations and this particular color gives it a push back into the zone of healthy-in the slightest way peach- achieving that pretty sunkissed foundation look without getting too yellow or tan. I'm on my second bottle! Love the color!


NYC0820 said...

I LUV MAC!! I've been a MAC fan since '96 when the first NYC store opened on Christopher Street!

You should check out MAC's new Mineralized Foundation!

amynaree said...

i'm loving the prolongwear as well, what foundation do you mix it with? i haven't tried mixing yet!