Monday, January 31, 2011


So many thoughts went running through my mind...........I would love this sweet- poppy- red with 3% of pink against my tan >> I need red shorts >> let's see how it fits my ass >> I will regret it if I walk away >> summertime snazz >> pimp piece! SOLD!!!

H & M $34.95


NYC0820 said...

I have a Dominican girl's booty(cause I'm Dominican, LOL) & no matter how skinny I am I could never get used to the attention I'd get with ANY shorts. You wear all you shorts well SO I do believe these will be awesome on you!


NYC0820 said...

These are SO cute btw!

VIP said...

rememeber! if you see anything cute! get me too!

Anonymous said...

which H&M do you go to?