Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Hugo Boss was a Nazi

He designed the SS uniforms



Anonymous said...

omg catalina i love you.
absolutely bastard move

Anonymous said...

Coco Chanel was too:

Chanel committed herself to the German cause as early as 1941 and worked for General Walter Schellenberg, chief of SS intelligence. At the end of the war, Schellenberg was tried by the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, and sentenced to six years imprisonment for war crimes. He was released in 1951 owing to incurable liver disease and took refuge in Italy. Chanel paid for Schellenberg's medical care and living expenses, financially supported his wife and family and paid for Schellenberg's funeral upon his death in 1952.

Pamela said...

Chanel was also a Nazi sympathiser and dated one of the biggest Nazi leaders at the time :(

Anonymous said...

not entirely true.

Anonymous said...

Don't judge.

Anonymous said...

I work and live in Los Angeles as a costume designer. I have to study the history behind the pieces before I create. Chanel was a nazi and a nazi lover. She actually volunteered herself for the cause. Not only did she take care of the general and his family until his dying day. This man did not raise one finger because of Chanel. She also assisted many other nazis financial. One in particular her ex lover lived in her villa and was very well taken care of. Chanel had money and during the war she could have avoided all involvement. This war and movement was in her blood. ...,very disgusting. I will judge...millions of men women and children lost their lives. I will never put a dime into her legacy which isn't much too me plain and simple without the sophistication....nazi.