Thursday, July 10, 2014


I always wanted a navy blazer with gold buttons but I wasn't gonna wear just any navy blazer with gold buttons. 
I was in London a few years back and passed by Ralph Lauren and it clicked.  Must find that navy blazer with gold buttons here.  Ran in and found.  
Walked because I like to know if I really love it.   Got in the cab and realized that I wish I had it with mee.  
Went back the next day and 1000 Pounds later, success.  
I'm so wild that it looks just ohh soo obnoxious on mee, just the way I like it.

Still it once, buy it right ~Mee

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Wendy said...

Have you seen the adorable school uniform for Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles? OMG to die for! Think "The Facts of Life" but cuter! I taught there a few years ago. I'll send pics!

LOVE the blog!