Tuesday, May 29, 2012




game plan


will fade 80%

two more touch ups

color will be light, light brown

Marquise Beauty Salon
3250 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles 90001


I trust her with everything


Chris said...

Ouch, is that an eyebrow tattoo? I don't mean to offend, but the arch seems too extreme for your face. Are you happy with the result?

Melanie said...

Omg! It doesn't look right. You said you trust her with everything but looking at the result I wouldn't trust her ever again. Trust me the result is .... Speechless .. Omg

Anonymous said...

haters. it opens your eyes & looks UHMAZE.

peer on said...

Love it Lina! It gives you that permanently surprised look instead of that chemo-cracked out look. Work it!

Anonymous said...

Its a nay for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh no. As a makeup artist you should that the placement is off. Love ya but this looks wacky.

Anonymous said...

horrendous, looks old lady nammer
arch is wayyy tooooo high

Anonymous said...

I did it before. It's just the swelling that made it look off at first. Once the swelling dies down, her brows are going to look amazing!

There's nothing wrong with permanent tattoo eyebrows. To think of it, they are way better than having crooked eye browns drawn by yourself!