Saturday, March 31, 2012


we decided to remove all my extensions so we could dye my entire head

it was mucho dark

done with highlights, washed and dried

9 outta 10 times: I look and Yvonne asks........"More?".  I'm like....."Yesss, make it break please!"

I need my front around my face the lightest it can possibly go =)

At this moment I am extension free - no future, not feeling it at all.  They will be back in ASAP.

My color is the shit, I nominate myself for best asian blonde - vote here

Byron and Tracey 
9294 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills 90210

Yvonne Brown


F I N A N said...

Haha I agree about the best Asian blonde bc my friends end up looking ashy blonde!! Looking hot Lina!! Xo

Anonymous said...

STUNNING! Seriously you know what looks good and you work it, inspiring <3

Anonymous said...

love this! i have a blonde complex, never too much<3

aeslove said...

looks good!

Anonymous said...

Looking good! What shade and brand of eyebrow pencil/powder/cream do you use?

Anonymous said...

Looking good Lina! What brand and shade of eyebrow pencil/powder or cream do you use?

kate said...

yes your blonde is fantastic bc it looks natural and no orangey color