Friday, November 4, 2011

Cheers to Fashion Police!!

Makeup by Me

Hair by Brenda Kovar

Styled by elshane

Watch Tonight!!!


Anonymous said...

Finally do we get to see new glasses?! Show us front shot!!

Anonymous said...

dude whats wrong with giulianas legs? she's really thin but she looks like a skeleton in this picture.. make her eat some candy..


oh my gucci! why g soOO skinny? always watch her in tv but never thought that she's this skinny. people in here would say, that kind of leg is same like looking at chopsticks walking. anyway, we still love you g.

Lauren said...

Can you tell me the brand of the pink hair dryer? LOVE!! As well as the curling iron? Thanks !!

C A T A L I N A S U said...

I'll post soon!


dryer is a super salano and curling irons are hot tools marcel