Tuesday, November 29, 2011

double whammy

THE DRINK and Smooth Move

I don't mess around.


pamplemousse said...

hey lina, i know you're a big fan of senna tea. have you thought about just switching to ginger? ginger tea can help w/ digestion too, and i would advise it over senna which is an irritant to the colon. overuse of it is not really advised since it's not gentle on the stomach (it's pretty much equivalent to the pill form which is a laxative). :-) xo

Anonymous said...

Have you ever drank smooth move and not had a "movement"? I soaked the tea for 10 minutes, drank it, and nothing!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous:

from my experience, it may be because you had a little too much of water or you might be getting the reaction later than the usual..i like to soak the tea a lot longer than 10mins for the stronger taste/better result.

Is it ok to drink both at the same time?..

Anonymous said...

How are you not chained to the bathroom after either drink? I am serious BTW :)