Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ohhh the little things........

Egyptian Magic// Whole Foods
A cream for face and body, feels more like a balm. Would recommend for dry skin. I'm trying it out as a nighttime face cream, heard that it's amazing, I'll keep you posted.

Tonalin// Whole Foods
3 times a day with meal helps you burn fat

Cookies// Whole Foods
I always buy. Thanks a lot Nan

Forever 21 Sweater
I really despise pink but I love snazzy bright, 'I'm on a boat pink'!!!


Vee said...

excited to hear your thoughts on Egyptian Magic

Anonymous said...

have you ever used the Tonalin before...i'm interested to see if and how it works?!?! p.s loveee the pink sweater i'm with you on only loving the bright pink!

NYC0820 said...

The CLA Tonalin WORKS girl! Use it religiously.
I'm living proof!

: )

Amelian Kashiro said...

you know Nan Nan them cookies is good!

Anita said...

oh please let me know if egyptian magic works because that stuff is expensive

Alina said...

You have to update us on the Egyptian magic and tonalin, dying to know if these products really work and the side effects (tonalin) if any!

thanks for sharing Catalina!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Catalina!
I've actually been using the CLA Tonalin pills for a month now and I've been experiencing major breakouts. Was wondering if you had any similar side effects after taking it?