Monday, March 28, 2011

my nude obsession

As you know, I love nude lipstick. I was leaving Barneys a few weeks back and this is how we met..... Checked out the nudes and found this one of two. I liked it, didn't love it, needed to try it on all done up. Fast forward to Brazil.....I was rushing out of the room, tan and made up...and I swiped this lipstick on and FELL deep in love. I wear mostly all neutral bright browns, I'm tan and for the most part have blonde hair....and I still choose to wear nude lipstick, it's what I love. For the first time ever, this lipstick gave me a tinge of peach while still staying bright nude. Think JLO, she always nails the right hue of nude. I LOVE.

Make sure you have some makeup on when you try it, cause without it, it's entirely a different color. Happy shopping!!

Lipstick - Selection 34 W-C $28

Beauty Is Life available at Barneys

1 comment:

Alina said...

Awesome, there is never enough perfect nude lipsticks and I tots agree JLO made nude lipstick what it is - she always gets it right or shall I say her makeup artist always get it right ;)