Wednesday, September 29, 2010

graduated to gloves

LuluLemon Pants $80
Valeo Gloves $20


Anonymous said...

I found your blog today and I have to say I LOVE IT...u have such amazing taste!!

What advice would you give an aspiring Makeup artist like me?

Thank you!

MeiBelle said...

I've heard great things about those LuluLemon pants

and huzzah for graduating to the big girl stuff! I totally need to get back in shape, it's weird but this picture kind of motivates me =)

C A T A L I N A S U said...

Thank you for loving and loging on!!!

I can not not work out!! i love it.....try it!! wear all tight black.....makes you really work hard

Lynnie said...

i have those lulu pants and they will make your ass look spectacular! LOVE LULUs!!