Wednesday, September 17, 2014

sweetdreams :))


Anonymous said...

I love the blog and have followed for years!! It does get a big boring though when it's all about diet and bland food, yawn. My favourite posts are mostly fashion, a bit of beauty, hanging with your friends and family and when your personality, attitude and humour shine through. More laughs less weigh ins. Merci.

Anonymous said...

I have also followed for years and have slowly stopped checking. I agree- your blog used to cater to your readers with an occasional weigh in Wednesday to keep you in check. But your obsession with your weight has taken over this blog. Besides for your very unhealthy approach of juicing and barely eating one meal a day- you send a very unhealthy message to all your readers. I have immensely enjoyed your blog over the years- and I hope your find peace with yourself and your weight soon enough

Anonymous said...

Although I see some truth in the other comments, I have enjoyed the frequent weigh-ins. It's interesting to see pics of what you're eating and your workouts and how the 2 affect your weight.

Also, from someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, I can relate to the obsession so it doesn't seem that odd to me.

I love the mix of fashion, diet, workout, makeup, friends, work, and kids. Keep doing you! Just be safe.