Friday, September 12, 2014

m o m m y d e a r e s t

Son is 10 and now in fifth grade.

He is exactly like me but better, therefore he's not into books.  For me, that is not okay.  I want my children to be great students and go to college.  I did not,  I have a semester left at Cal Poly but blah, blah, I did not finish.  However, it was a standard for me to go to college.  I was a WILD,WILD child and broke every rule possible, so that standard kept me honest :))  
My children will go to college and whatever they do after, is all them.  
Until then, I will train them like a good mother should.

I started Son reading, reading at 7.  Loose though.  I was so much lazier with the second kid.

Age 8 and 9 - 30 minutes in the living room - no timer (it seems like a chore if you set a timer)
I would time him, but would never stop him :))
*I also made it chill, I would ask him when he wanted to read rather than me telling him he had to start.

This Summer - I cracked the whip 
I told him to finish a Harry Potter book every 3 days and he did.  
He finished the entire series and then some.

How to train your dragon - 

- Take him to a book store and find books that he/she likes.
Buy them, buy a book marker.  Kids like to buy shit as we all do, make it fun.  
Bookstores are good for them :))

- Library Card - take them to the library and get a library card under their's a dam chore but so good for them.  
 I try and go once a month but that doesn't happen.

- Order books from school

-Books are accessible - find what works for you

Education and all that goes with is not a option, it is a standard.

A common thing I say to my children, " I didn't ask you to _______, I told you to."

And I do not repeat my orders.


Sarah said...

love it!

aeslove said...

you're so inspirational:)

Anonymous said...

love it- Catalina! Thank you for being so honest with your readers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why I adore you and love your blog. Nice and honest lady that you are Lina xo

Mariam K said...

way too go, thats what you call not good but excellent parenting..

Anonymous said...

That's great parenting advice. However, won't it be difficult to enforce your rules when your kids can see you being such a bad ass on your blog?

Dominique said...

I am doing the same thing right now with my eight year old. EXACT SAME THING.

Anonymous said...

love love. education is the key to success!