Wednesday, April 2, 2014


rag & bone/JEAN// Raquel Allegra Flowy Throw-On// Zara Tank// J Mendel Furr


girl said...

I need your help. I've been following your blog now for a few years. I am always impressed by your innate ability to love yourself. Honestly, I can't image why you wouldn't. You have such beautiful people to cherish, children, and a husband. And such amazing material goods in your life too! I'm not even jealous, I feel happy for you and it is fun to see on the blog. I have things in my life I should feel happy with too, but its just so hard for me sometimes. This is why I need your help, because I need to know, how you do it? What is the secret to your innate happiness? I am someone that spends so much time upset and unhappy with myself. I could bring myself to tears even writing this comment as silly as that sounds. I'm not grotesque or ugly, but I am so deeply dissatisfied with my body and looks. It becomes so painful, it really does. Like I said, I have great reasons to be happy, but for some reason I just. can't. Please give me some guidance? I don't even mean for this comment to be published on your blog, it's just a nice way to reach out to you and ask for some guidance on how I can live my life more happily. And you know what? I am not ashamed for leaving this note to you in a comment either, as goofy as it is. I hope you do read this comment and realize that you have people who admire you and look up to you for inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love these jeans you always wear< curious do you feel like Rag&Bone runs true to size, or do they stretch a lot?

Also curious if you have a trick to stretch the waist of leather pants?

Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!