Saturday, April 19, 2014



aeslove said...

love this.

Anonymous said...

Jesus actually loved everyone no matter what they did and who they were. They were forgiven. The people you are probably speaking of in regards to with this photo are the people who misinterpret the bible to suit their judgements. I am Christian and absolutely dislike being pooled in with narrow-minded religious people who judge when it's not their place to judge in the first place.
But to throw Jesus under the bus because of ignorant people is just sad. There are gays out there that give gays a bad rep. Then there are gays that really shine a light on them. Same goes for religious people. I like visiting your blog now and then but this just makes me sad. Hopefully I've opened someone's eyes to religious people who are accepting and non-judgmental. My best friend is gay and I am a devoted Christian. He respects my religion and I respect the fact that his sex life is his sex life. We meet in the middle as friends who care for one another. I am no one to judge him and he feels the same way about me. It is what it is and the reason why is because of love. Which is God and what Jesus was brought on this earth to show us.

C'est la vie.