Saturday, July 27, 2013


I love summer, so I amped my usual nail color with a coat of solid white underneath my s t a p l e Essie / Instant Hot

s t a p l e s

I've been using my base and top coat for years, it 100% makes a difference.  

Few Things / /

I always ask my nail gal to spray a lot of alcohol on my nails after the lotion bc if your nails have oil residue, your polish will lift or come off in like a day and a half ://

I don't say square anymore // I say straight across

I've been trying new people because my nail gal has been outta town.  I stayed at Chateau Beauty Lounge because I looove the owner Arnie and she knows Imma a freeeak.  I now sit with Linn and she is very, very good :))

Chateau Beauty Lounge 
234 N. Brand Blvd 
Glendale, CA 91203


Anonymous said...

thanks for the pointers will try the orly base coat.

Anonymous said...

your nails are always perfect. i'm a freak about how they are done. it's so hard to find a good nail tech esp when the polish/color requires "special handling."