Monday, January 28, 2013

s t a p l e

Catt brought this bra for me two years ago and I lost it!!!  Soo sexy, soo flattering and soo comfy - my absolute go to.  I think I asked all my friends and my sister a million times if they had it, for like five months.  Finally found it online!! 

 I'm a 32C and ordered a 32C - true to size.

I am no longer wearing slightly padded bras, they make me look fatt and dated.


Anonymous said...

Loveeeee cosabella! Especially those bras! The Ceylon one is good too! In black, of course!

Anna said...

I agree with you on the padded bras.

C A T A L I N A S U said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Lina, which one is your favorite? 1st or 2nd one? I want to order. Thank you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Well...which one is your favorite Anonymous 12:28? Looks like you got a cult following here Lina. You tell me which one you like and I'll buy it. For you? Or for me?

And Lina - you know damn well you've never looked FATT or DATED. However, the self deprecating humor does look sexy on you. But I like the cockiness better.
YOU'RE (contraction correction) my girl! xoxo