Sunday, October 28, 2012

ninety bucks

It's crazy :))

Available at Earthbar


Jezz Dallas said...

"no more belly fat" - hunny you don´t have belly fat...ya, I know, I´d too take it anyways...

Anonymous said...

Why is it crazy? Does it work?

Anonymous said...

Hi Catalina,

I just wanted to check on a lipgloss I ordered on Oct worries at all, just thought I would check in to make sure you received the order.
Love the lipgloss...the best out there!
Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration!!

xx Gina

PS tried to email, got a bounce back

Anonymous said...

that makes you poo like crazy!

KISS MY GUNS said...

Does this product really work, you would be the only person I know taking it to ask....for weight loss?