Sunday, September 30, 2012

wayyy overdue

bought these J Brand Leather Pants in Chicago last week

been wanting to purchase them every fall for like two years

went with these because I like the jeans style, the front button closure

got them in 24's, a lil loose but good

they stretch, so size down
first time out

I was explaining them to a friend........."It'a not like oh my God, you got leather pants. Worth 9 bills? If you're the driver, kinda like a nice car, no one enjoys the experience as much the owner....... the smell, the luxurious-ness, the ride.....Same, same. You pay, you play :))

p.s. feeling my Chucks lately, tired of being all fancy and shiet


Anonymous said...

Vintage Lina post! Love this type of post, when you give the details. This is what what made me love this blog. Thanks for all the info.

Izzy said...

Lina. I love u n u will Always be pretty in anything u wear and how u love life.

papillon said...

I really want to buy leather pants too, but I can't find anything that fits me well:( And the price. It's pretty steep for a pair of pants. Looks nice on you though as always:)