Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beautiful Sundays!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Catalina!
I am coming to LA in a week or two, I want to go to Byron and Tracy Salon!...for a color, maybe a you still recommend Yvonne (Or Tracy) for color? And who for a cut? Wish I could meet you for a makeup pow wow/lesson! You are the best, thanks in advance for the recommendation at B and T Salon! Also, rec. anywhere for a great facial? Thanks!
XX Gina

Anonymous said...

*Tracey, not Tracy! ;)

C A T A L I N A S U said...

Tracey is amazing, obviously but Yvonne is my girl =))

Cut - Julie or Danny

when are you in town?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
I am shooting for next Tuesday/Wednesday-Saturday and will be in both LA and Malibu. Thinking I will have a girly day for hair, shopping, etc. on Wed./Thurs. in LA! ;)
Thank you for this tip!!! ;)
Will tell them you sent me!